Maryland United Lacrosse Club

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Frequently Asked Questions


BulletWhat is the Maryland United Lacrosse Club ?

The Maryland United Lacrosse Club, with the ‘headquarters’ in Arnold, MD is a lacrosse club based in Anne Arundel County.  It is currently a girl’s lacrosse club, consisting of players with graduating years of 2019 through 2026.

Bullet  If I try out for the Maryland United Lacrosse Club and make it, what will the commitment be like?

Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments during the summer and fall months. ( Practices are typically Tuesday & Thursday in the evening during the summer ). We will have time dedicated from late July and part of August for vacations ( with the exception of tryouts which will be held in early Aug).  In the fall, we will hold practices on Sunday afternoons in the fall. During the Winter, our middle school players have skill sessions inside on Saturday mornings during the months of Jan./Feb.  Our Middle school players participate in a Spring League ( March - May ).


Bullet  Where will you practice?

The Maryland United Lacrosse Club  practices at the MACC facility on Davidsonville Road and API in Gambrills .

Bullet What does my membership fee cover?

The membership fee for the 2017-2018 season is $640.00 and pays for insurance, uniforms, coaches, field rentals, and field equipment. Siblings receive a $100.00 discount off the membership fee.


Bullet   Do I have to join US Lacrosse?

We recommend it.  US Lacrosse provides additional insurance coverage for all of our players and coaches as well as USLacrosse Magazine for one year.

Bullet  How do I join US Lacrosse?

Log on to and click on 'membership info.' You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your membership number.


Bullet  Are there any other costs in addition to the club fee?

Yes, there will be Tournament Fees for each tournament we enter.  Tournament fees are calculated and due in Oct. for Fall Tournaments & Feb. for Summer Tournaments. Spring League fees are separate and due in Feb.

Bullet  Does Maryland United participate in any leagues?

We participate in the NGLL League.  We DO NOT require our players to choose between Rec. league and Spring league!  They can play both if they would like!!


Bullet  Within all tournaments, do all the kids play equal amounts?

These tournaments are designed to provide opportunities for our high school players to be seen by, and gain exposure to college coaches.  ALL athletes will receive an equal opportunity to compete but we cannot guarantee equal playing time for any grad year.  Typically, MD United has not had an issue with playing time due to the commitment and talent level of our players. 


Bullet  How many girls per team will the Maryland United Lacrosse Club carry?

We will carry approximately 23 (21 field players) girls per team.  Because our services are extensive, this is the maximum number of kids we can handle and ensure the highest quality and best experience for all!

Bullet  Can I play on the Maryland United Lacrosse Club and another club team?

Any player who makes the team must make the Maryland United Lacrosse Club her number one lacrosse commitment. You CANNOT play for any other team unless it is your High School  or Rec. League team.  A member of the Maryland United Lacrosse Club may not be a member of another lacrosse club.

Bullet  How will the teams be chosen and who will be choosing them?

Teams are based on the player's high school graduation year. Our evaluations will determine your team placement.  Prospective players should make it a priority to attend as many evaluations as possible.  Players are evaluated by coaches from grad years other than the year they are trying out for.


BulletPlayers will be evaluated during tryouts based on:

    1. Attitude
    2. Athleticism & Potential
    3. Lacrosse field sense
   4. Work ethic & persistence
    5. Coach-ability & ability to execute direction
    6. Skill - ball handling, etc.


Bullet  Once a player is a member of a Maryland United Lacrosse Club, will they be required to try out again each year?

Yes, each player must try out each year for the purpose of determining team placement. If there were no tryouts, the competitive spirit and desire necessary to achieve a roster position would be compromised.  Our tryouts ARE ALWAYS OPEN TRYOUTS!

Bullet  What is our refund policy?

There are NO refunds after registration begins. 


Bullet  As a member of a Maryland United Lacrosse Team, will I have the same coach each year?

It is not our policy to change coaches every year, however, we cannot guarantee that you will have the same coach from year to year.


Bullet  How will tournaments be chosen?

Maryland United Lacrosse Club will choose tournaments for our High School players that provide the best opportunities for competition and exposure to college coaches. 

Tournament schedules for our Middle School players are based on location and opportunities for competition.  BOTH teams in a grad year attend the same tournament. 

Bullet  Will college players be involved in the Maryland United Lacrosse Club?

We believe that college players are an important part of a club lacrosse program.  The college players will be on the Maryland United Lacrosse Club staff as Assistant Coaches. These young ladies are at the height of their game and possess the strongest skills. The Assistant Coaches will attend practices and provide extra coaching sessions if desired . We believe this is the best way to utilize their expertise and impact the club players.


Bullet  What type of experience does Maryland United Lacrosse Club have in running a club lacrosse program?

Our coaches have experience coaching youth, high school and club level lacrosse for more than a decade. The coaches together share greater than 35 years of experience specifically coaching club lacrosse. Many of the coaches have played lacrosse in college, and/or have daughters that have played in college and beyond. 

All of our high school grad year coaches have experience and knowledge of the recruiting process.   


Bullet  Does Maryland United Lacrosse Club charge for recruiting services?

Maryland United does not charge for recruiting services.  We provide all of our players the information necessary to make an educated decision about playing at the collegiate level.  It is an honor to be a part of their recruiting process. 

Bullet  Recruiting - Bev Altig and MC Rossing, Recruiting Director, are available 24/7 for players, parents and college coaches throughout the recruiting process.